Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Case of the Anonymous Entourage Diddly

Another incredible episode of Entourage comes on and me and my boys are left astounded as usual. The end credits flash and we hear this marvelous tune. It's rather soulful if I must say so myself. The guy is absolutely crooning his arse off and you could see our Harlem living room pulsating as each of us gradually start stamping our feet in unison. The song has this Lil Richard feel to it, a pleasant mix of archaic Black rock and Soul, and the lyrics are charming in its simplicity. "Ladies...beautiful ladies." I could feel my boy Noah being converted. And then it is settled. We have to know what song this is and who sings it.

"Entourage does not release an episode soundtrack until the day after the episode is debuted," I say.

"But I have to know who sings this right now," Noah says.

So the hunt is on. We flip through our TV menu guide and behold, that same episode of Entourage is scheduled to replay within the next hour. The plan: Noah will arm himself with the IPhone application Shazam which identifies songs, while I have a raggedy used envelope and a pen to jot down feverishly every lyric from the song that I hear.

12:05, the episode comes on. The song replays. Ahhh, it's even more celestial than the first time. Noah Shazams it. The song does not register. I make a quip like, "Maybe it's sung by Jesus." I hand him my envelope with chicken scratched lyrics. Something, something, something..."You're sugar and spice and everything nice..." We don't give up.

We google the lyrics on the raggedy envelope. Eureka! We found it. High fives. Case closed. Alas, we've identified the song.

And here it is for you....

"Ladies" by Lee Fields and The Expressions


  1. Sweet, simple soul music. What's not to like in a song that sounds like this. This is the type of music that we grew up on. Fell in love with during the days of our lives.

    This reminds me of Bobby Womack. I like it. You did a good thing by finding out who the group was that sang it.

  2. Thanks for finding the song!!! I loved reading this post!

  3.! After watching Entourage and hearing this song at the end I, too, tried to find it. Thankfully, I found your post! Love reading your story!