Sunday, February 14, 2010

God-des and She Three Review

Okayplayer style.

God-des and She
G&S Records : 2009

By Sidik Fofana
What makes many people skeptical about a pair of Lesbian recording artists from the Midwest doesn’t have as much to do with homophobia itself, as it does with the sexuality of music in general. In one way or the other, people want to fall in love with who they listen to. In that regard, God-des and She, and the legion of reasonable, liberal-minded consumers who follow this gifted duo really don’t care. If people can’t distinguish good music from heterosexuality, then fuck ‘em (no pun intended).

It remains no coincidence that with the release of Three, God-des and She are still padding their fan base. Since their appearance on Showtime’s The L Word in 2006, they’ve gained recognition from their Hip-Hop/Soul endeavors, with included last year’s “Stand Up,” a provocative club jawn, which took its place among the great sex anthems of modern music. Three proves that cuts like “Stand Up” are not the norm, however. Produced by Public Enemy’s Brian Hardgroove, the album works itself up into a gimickless lather, matching Hardgroove’s robotic beats and the duo’s well-synchronized vocals. The formula hits full potency on “Love Machine,” an all-the-way turned out 80s club hit.

In an age where so-called “quality” music often spends its subject matter indicting not so quality music, Three steers away from that bland road of self-righteous criticism with its swarm of in-you-face urban feminism. There is one moment, however, on “Radio Up” when God-des spits; “Music is no longer human over producing/ It’s losing/ The soul, the heart, the pulse/The depth, the feel is lost,” but what’s a good underground release without an industry jab or two anyway?

Three hits the right checkpoints for a duo in limbo between rubbing the tummy of its core fan base and vying for a bigger pond of recognition. So, world, get ready because the new Salt n Pepa--with a beguiling queer twist--is in town.

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