Wednesday, July 21, 2010

MINI REVIEW: Rick Ross's Teflon Don

Like my rommate Noah said, success is the best way to win a rap battle. had eyes glued to a certain clip of 50 Cent treating Rick Ross's baby mama to a lavish shopping spree, the ultimate denigration of the Miami rapper's manhood. But guess what? Rick Ross is releasing ish like his fourth studio album Teflon Don while 50 is putting out garbage with an accent on the second "a". On this album, Ross holds his own with the heavyweights, one of whom, by the name of Shawn Charter disavows his connections to the devil in "Free Mason". Teflon Don sounds like a groovy score to a kick ass blaxploitation film, which would make Ross's duet with Ne-Yo "Super High" outta sight.
Hardcore crunkists will be surprised to find Erykah Badu on the extra chill "Maybach Music III", but hey, it's that type of album. For this top to bottom doozy, Rick Ross may find it best to borrow Kanye West's lyrics from "Live Fast, Die Young" : "You can sneeze because I just blessed with my presence".

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