Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Top 20 Hip Hop Books of All Time

In Good Will Hunting, that movie about the genius young janitor who studies with a Harvard professor, the professor takes Matt Damon's cynical character Will (the janitor) to all these pyschologists, of which he has read each one's book beforehand. That's me with Hip Hop books. I've read a lot. I've read more than a lot. I've read enough to make a personal list of the best, most insightful works in this genre of Hip Hop scholarship. Here they go. IN particular order...
6. Hip Hop America

If I forget any please let me know so I can expand this to a top 25 and maybe even a top 50...


  1. You missed It's Bigger than Hip Hop by MK Asante. That should be in your top 3 homie. Look it up.

  2. Hip Hop by Steven Hager, the first true hhistory and long out-of-print is now available in eBook form for under $4.

  3. The Hip-Hop 10