Sunday, September 5, 2010

Five Reasons Barack Got out of Iraq

5) Saddam Houssein is dead.
The US severed the main source of Iraqi despotism. Threat slightly averted.

4) We were losing.
Iraqis don't like democracy and they certainly don't like our oil interests and fake quests to find weapons of mass destruction. So, they did the logical thing. They resisted.

3) He promised us in 2008.
He gave us his word that he would withdraw troops within 16 months of taking office. He was three months late, but he didn't come up empty.

2) He won the Nobel PEACE Prize.
That would have been awfully hypocritical, wouldn't it? To not only break a promise, but to do so by continuing to wage war.

1) It takes attention off the other war.
Oh, you guys in the White House thought we forgot about the Afghans, huh?

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