Sunday, October 25, 2009

350 Poems

There's a fantastically scintillating project initiated by where 350, 3.5 line poems were gathered in response to climate change. Why 350? 350 Carbon parts-per-million is a safe limit for our atmosphere which is dangerously above 390. Here are a couple of poems from the project, one by moi and another by one of my fellow teachers Maya Pindyck (Locket, Master Friend Among Stones) who is a literary beast. Yay, environmentalism!

332 : Sidik Fofana

There we shall lay, scattered like ape skulls
Or clues in god's toolbox
Long gone the very matter that explained
What happened

91 : Maya Pindyck

My love, lost, in sleek flaps
shuffling towards the ice sculpture.
Not a cruise, my love, just my love
mapping-- (--end of line-- space)--

For more poems, go here ...

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