Wednesday, October 21, 2009

REVIEW: Alicia Keys's "Doesn't Mean Anything"

In the name of classic assassination of two birds with one stone, I had my journalism class weigh in on Alicia Keys's new single "Doesn't Mean Anything". They got at it Rolling Stones' style and I promised to publish the strongest review. So without further ado...

Alicia Keys's "Doesn't Mean Anything"
by Joni-Lee Green

"Doesn't Mean Anything", the new single from the many-times-over grammy winning Alicia Keys starts off with her signature piano. Yet as she croons, her voice sounds more like a 15 year old at a talent show, not like her usual soulful offerings. The song is full of long winded notes and a simple melody. However, the tune does carry a positive message and there is no doubt this record will sell millions.

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