Thursday, June 10, 2010

New Book, How To Rap by Paul Edwards

There are rules to this shyt and Paul Edwards wrote him a manual. With the assistance of the legendary Kool G. Rap and a stone soup of acclaimed rappers which include Public Enemy, Pharoah Monch, Twista, Royce Da 5'9, Murs, Aesop Rock (the list nears infinite actually), this University of London master in postmodernism, literature, and contemporary culture breaks down the art of emceeing into edible bits. Broken down into sections "Content", "Flow", "Writing", and "Delivery", How To Rap addresses the blueprint of the complete rapper. "The words of the interviewed artists will guide you step by step through the art form, breaking down the different elements of the craft," Edwards writes in the intro. "By exploring the key components individually, you can focus on and master each one. 


  1. LOL don't you think it's kind of funny that people actually need Manuals? I think that like anything it takes more than a manual 2 be nice, it takes studying, practice, motivation, time and patience inorder to become a great MC artist as far as the music industry goes noone wants to put in the fulltime when they can get paid tripple for half time work.

  2. @Rodesha B. - that's exactly what the MCs are saying in the book, you should read it

  3. An obligatory book for every hip hop fan.

    Greetings from Poland,

    Witalij | U Call That Love