Thursday, June 17, 2010

Wale Remakes Classic West African Song

So, "My Sweetie", the bonus song on Wale's Attention Deficit album is borrowed from an old 70's popular African song that I used to hear all the time in my childhood. The song is called "Let Me Love You" by Bunny Mack. I respect Wale a lot now that he introduced the world the classic West African upbringing (peep the house party in the video). As momdukes said to me on the phone, "If you went to an African party in 1975 that did not play that song, then it was not a good party." Check out both versions....

Wale "My Sweetie"

Bunny Mack "Let Me Love You"

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  1. wale is the most underrated MC.finally this post gives him some light