Sunday, July 12, 2009


Barack Obama Pictures: barack-obama-checking-out-a-16-year-old-girl

You've all seen it by now. President allegedly caught looking at 17 Brazilian Junior Delegate, Mayara Tavares. This is ridiculous! A small plebian like Sidik Fofana "onces over" a girl and the world goes on quietly humming, but the president of the United States does it and all of sudden it's world news and a million roundtables form. Oh yeah, by the way, it turns out he wasn't looking at the girl's assets but even if he was? C'mon, we already know Obama is a butt man (see Michelle Obama and the unofficial yet confirmed statistic that most heterosexual men are as well), so please the rest the scrutinizing eye. The sad thing is this is not the end of the 24-hour Obamascope. Stay tuned for more crazy people taking pictures of Obama eating Popeye's fried chicken and doing the Superman. Leave my president alone!

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