Sunday, July 19, 2009

Ricky Rubio is That Dude...

I got a feeling about this kid. Bona fide roundball fans know what it means to have “a feeling.” It’s that gut notion, goading one to make a declaration that transcends logic—like whoever the first guy was who said the Chicago Bull’s third pick in ’83 draft would the best player ever to play the game. Though the feeling is not as intense for Ricky Rubio, I think this kid will be magic on some Steve Nash, Tony Parker type ish. Coming from an ex-high school ball player himself, I will you tell you that there’s nothing more awesome than watching or shit, playing against a point guard whose first step is so quick seems like it takes negative time and whose passes are so dynamite that it takes viewers longer to process than the pass itself.

Already compared to legendary NBA 70’s star, Pete Maravich, Ricky Rubio is wowing fools out there with his flair for the game. I’m talking, wrap arounds, behind the back flings, pretty dimes, and the other stuff that keeps you ooohing. You might not see him in the NBA this year—even though he was the Minnesota Timberwolves’ first pick—because contract complications may require him to play in Spain a couple more years, but when he’s in the league, a renaissance will surely begin. So, I just wanted to officially declare this cat is the future NBA point guard of the 10’s and you heard it first from Corner Boy Jazz.
Not convinced? Watch for yourself.

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