Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year, Corner Boy Jazz! Thank You, Sponsors!

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It's been a great year for Corner Boy Jazz. We made some money off ads. We surpassed our goal of 10, 000 hits before the new year (I've been up and running since the summer time). We've touched on some good topics.

This year, Corner Boy's got five resolutions. Here they are:

1. 100, 000 hits by January 2011
2. Syndication on a media website
3. 100 subscribers
4. Adding two more publications to my list of places my byline has appeared
5. Having fun...

Fantastic but doable...

Now, most importantly, I'd like to thanks Corner Boy's wonderful sponsors (subscribers and visitors that I know of)....

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NubianMonarch, Tha King, Jason Brown, Latoya Tavernier, msladydeborah, Seree Fofana, Brook Stephenson, Jedi Nemesis, Kimberly Parris, Lynne Strachan, Lindsay Strachan, Andrew Belton, Noah Barnes, Ben Becker, Jude Somefun, Darius Mensah, Tremayne St. Kitts, Jasmine Wade, Florida Henderson, Mr. Jeff Dess, Maria Elena Montero, Michael Gonzales, Arjun Kaul, Danielle Flores, Nicole Cojuangco, Abed Bhuyan, David Hobgood, Alyssa Niccolini, Jami Strachan, Amari Johnson, Eric Jordan, Maya Pindyck, Marcus Reeves,  Abdul Fofana, Seree Fofana, Christine Maxon, Sabrina Thompson, Sarah Cooley, Joanna Chin, Ursula Goldson, Ally Hurder, Angelo Gulotta, Jessica Endlich, Stacey Chapman, The Students of FDA VII, Alexandra Hernandez, Brook Griffin, Jenn Martinez, Lethy Liriano, Keith Jackson, Victor LaValle, Michael Obel-Omia...

Whew! And I forgot mad people (not by design). If I forgot you, please send me a message, preferably a mean one lol and I'll shout you out. Happy New Years!

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