Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Almost chewed out a kid today because he came into the teacher’s lounge with some “You heard Tiger Woods been cheating on his wife?” which made me snap and defend, “His wife was using the golf club to pry him out…you and the media are trying to make something out of nothing. Now get the hell out of the teacher’s lounge!” Almost gave him demerits. Almost gave him detention. Almost recommended for superintendent suspension.

Then I read this…
“Jaimee Grubbs has also stated that she had sex with Tiger Woods twenty times and that the two engaged in the practice of sexting.”



She counted?

Sorry, I got off topic for a second. Squeaky clean Tiger? Well, as we learned with Chris Brown beware of the squeaky clean guy. BECAUSE NOBODY IS SQUEAKY CLEAN! Plus Tiger has a billion dollars. Panties get tossed at him like horseshoes in a barn. You expect a man not to succumb to that? Just like my history teacher told me in eleventh grade, “Great men are great fuckers.” It was my favorite quote back then because it had the word “fuck” in it.

But now it makes perfect sense.

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