Sunday, August 15, 2010 Diary Day 280

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Been a while since I gave it the old college try, so I sent this to the associate editor to remind him of my writing goals. I guess it doesn't hurt to nudge the bigwigs every now and then to see if they're still listening. I'll keep you abreast if I get a response.

Hey Mr. Rogers,

It’s been a little while since you made my day with that email inviting me to Open Salon. Since then, I’ve dutifully blogging away, hoping to build a readership and catch the eye of a Salon editor or two.
I’m writing because I hope you will still consider me in the near future as a book reviewer of fiction by minority writers.  

I feel like I get better everyday as a writer (as a music writer because I read the Best Music Writing from cover to cover every year; as a book reviewer because I read Salon religiously) and it would be a dream come true to get the chance grow with your staff. 

My long time goal is still to contribute the book section at and I consider blogging on Open Salon as a unofficial internship in a way. I hope you guys continue to look out for me and know that I’m really serious about someday being a writer, however lofty that dream seems.

Thanks again for reading!


PS. Interesting interview with “The Great Typo Hunt” guy. Personally, I think typos arre like insignificant misdemeanors when it comes to communication.

PS. That “arre” typo was on purpose. Lol.

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