Sunday, August 16, 2009

Author Victor LaValle is back!

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So, I was talking to one of my undergrad friends and we got to the topic of writing. In one of my cocky epiphanies, I confessed to him that I wanted a urban writer with a literary edge. "There's nobody out there like that," I said to him. To which he said, "What are you talking about, that's Victor LaValle." In short, folks, Victor LaValle is one those writers that punk, innercity boys like me want to be. Now he's back with his third book, Big Machine, a novel which Mos Def calls "Gabriel Garcia Marquez mixed with Edgar Allan Poe" and says "It's like nothing I've ever read, incredibly human and alien at the same time." This joint came out last week and I can't wait to dig in.

Victor LaValle's Big Machine on ...

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