Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Erykah Badu at Governors Island

So I wake up yesterday to a call from Erykah Badu's publicist who tells me she has two extra tickets for Badu's concert at Governors Island in NYC and asks if I want to go. I say, "Sure," mad calm but on the inside I'm like, "Hell yeah! My magic leprechaun must have just got a raise because shit like this never happens!"

Anyway, my boy Noah and I go--this is our first time to Governors--and it's absolutely divine (except for the six dollar hamburgers). I saw Janelle Monae rock the crowd with her pompadour and James Brownesque energy (buy her CD by the way...I'm gonna). Badu came out in a top hat and did an goosebump-giving cover of Michael Jackson's "Off The Wall" among other dynamite hits. And get this, when she ended the show and folks were making their way back to the ferry, the lights came back on and she rocked the crowd for 20 minutes with "Bag Lady" and a slew of other classics. Shoot, I was happy. I got to chill in the sand and see my singing idol jump into the crowd as well as do a mad funny rendition of Tha Dogg Pound's "Ain't No Fun" (yep, she did say the "balls" line). It was good times, I say. Good times...

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  1. Sounds like it had a lot of Awesome Sauce. Even I wasn't there and based on your account this performance makes up for her no-show for a concert at the 250th Anniversary celebration at a certain Ivy League school.